January 1 – December 31, 2019

No.Name of Project/Program/ActivityName of CompanyContract PriceContract Date
1Annual Office rental contractAbriol bldg (Nicasio M. Abriol ) 720,000.0002/01/2019
1Procurement of two Desktop ComputerHEXACOM ENTERPRISES 125,175.4018/02/2019
2Repair of Printer two printer – Epson Alfatek Computer & Printing Services     1,450.0018/02/2019
3Procurement T-shirt Violet for women’s monthCORRS SHIRTS AND PRINTS     2,610.0006/03/2019
4Office SuppliesThe Stable Educational Supply     9,688.2507/03/2019
5Office SuppliesLaser Marketing    12,038.0007/03/2019
6Repair/Maintenance Office vehicleMOTORPLAZA, INC.   20,945.0007/03/2019
7Procurement of Basic Duty Storage Box for records The Stable Educational Supply     2,000.0018/03/2019
8Adobe Creative Cloud for teams (1 year licensing subscription  for 1 unit)YNZAL MARKETING CORP.   62,500.0015/03/2019
9GAD ConvergencePETER L. NG/EVELYN NG HOTEL SUPREME   84,360.0015/03/2019
10Toner for Xerox Machine – DC 1080XWORKS SALES AND SERVICES INC     5,000.0022/04/2019
11software subscription: Anti-virus for 14 unitsHEXACOM ENTERPRISES   16,100.0011/04/2019
12Office SuppliesThe Stable Educational Supply     8,518.0022/04/2019
13Office SuppliesLaser Marketing      6,898.0022/04/2019
14Office SuppliesJC COMMERCIAL     2,364.5022/04/2019
 Procurement of Firewall subscription( one year FY 2019)Xorand Solutions Computer Corp.   75,000.005/16/2019
15Alfatek Computer & Printing ServicesPrinter Repair Epson L210 and L110     1,700.005/22/2019
16Procurement of network device (one unmanaged switch)HEXACOM ENTERPRISES     3,710.005/31/2019
17Mainstream Business, Inc. (Kultura Store)Seminar kits bag/envelope   12,500.0011/6/2019
18Maintenance and repair of office vehicle SHZ 498MOTORPLAZA, INC.     5,730.006/13/2019
19Procurement of Name tag for employeesFINE ADS ART AND SIGNS     2,700.006/14/2019
20Procurement of Office SuppliesThe Stable Educational Supply   14,277.006/17/2019
21Procurement of Office SuppliesLaser Marketing    17,013.006/17/2019
22Procurement of Portable speaker for seminarsMusar Music corp.   14,995.006/18/2019
23Procurement of rain visor for office vehicle SHZ 498LJG General Merchandise68006/19/2019
24Procurement of two Toner for xerox machineXWORKS SALES AND SERVICES INC   12,400.006/20/2019
25Maintenance of office vehicleMOTORPLAZA, INC.     5,975.007/17/2019
26Procurement of Couch (Cleopatra) for clientsTSS Corporation     4,254.257/19/2019
27Procurement of Office SuppliesThe Stable Educational Supply     4,814.00 8/14/2019 
28Procurement of Office SuppliesLaser Marketing        914.50 8/14/2019 
29Office Vehicle Maintenance -SHZ 498MOTORPLAZA, INC.     9,565.00 9/17/2019 
30Procurement of Office SuppliesLaser Marketing      7,216.009/26/2019