The NCMB, created under Executive Order No. 126, reorganizing the DOLE, shall formulate policies, develop plans and programs and set standards and procedures relative to the promotion of conciliation and mediation of labor disputes through the preventive mediation, conciliation and voluntary arbitration; facilitation of labor-management cooperation through joint mechanisms for information sharing, effective communication and consultation and group-problem solving.


The NCMB shall be the center of excellence in enhancing harmonious relationship in every workplace.


To sustain harmonious labor and management relations through continuous education, mainstreaming of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms, and implementation of innovative approaches towards worker’s empowerment.


The NCMB, as a staff and line office, has the following functions:

  • Formulate policies, programs, standards, procedures, manuals of operations and guidelines pertaining to effective mediation and conciliation of all labor dispute.
  • Perform preventive mediation and conciliation functions.
  • Coordinate and maintain linkages with other sectors of institutions, and other government authorities concerned with matters relative to the prevention and settlement of labor disputes.
  • Formulates policies, plans, programs, standards, procedures, manuals of operations and guidelines pertaining to the promotion of cooperative and non-adversarial schemes, grievance handling, voluntary arbitration and other voluntary modes of dispute settlement.
  • Administer the voluntary arbitration program; maintain/update a list of voluntary arbitrators, compile arbitration awards and decisions.
  • Provide counseling and preventive mediation assistance particularly in the administration of collective agreements
  • Monitor and exercise technical supervision over the Board’s programs being implemented in the regional offices; and
  • Perform such other functions as may be provided by law or assigned by the Secretary