Departmental competitions on music and costume were the highlights of the Annual Employees’ Christmas Party of Manor at Camp John Hay with the theme,” Holiday Journey Around  the World.” This was held in the evening of December 18, 2017   at CAP John Hay Trade and Cultural Center. 

Employees were all dressed-up in traditional outfits of chosen five continents.  These were Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and North America. Most of them wore costume from improvised raw materials.

The five existing Service Departments of Manor were made to represent each continent.  Choreographed Dances were synchronized according to the country dress they represent which brought the audience to a swift Journey to the World    as they danced by narrative and historic context. Colorful dresses as collaborative to the presentations.

The dancers compete before six judges from different organizations which include the Regional Branch Director of NCMB-CAR.  They were scored in these criteria: Performance and Presentation, Originality, Choreography, Creativity, and audience Impact for a total of 100 points.

With the presentors’ remarkable and breathtaking performances, they all deserved to win for they have captivated the audience in every unique way of choreography.

Brenda Rose C. Odsey