Baguio City.  The recently held seminar on “Local Energy Development: A Reporter’s Notebook” opened avenue for government agencies to share topics relevant in the drive to better public service.

One timely topic up for discussion is the use of social media during working hours. Mr. Rex Bate of the Civil Service Commission – CAR shared his knowledge in developing and formulating social media policy/handbook in the participants’ respective offices. This booklet will serve as implementing guidelines for government employees in using social media in their offices. In his talk, he reiterated that formulating internal policy on the use of social media should adhere to the values and norms prescribed by RA 6713 or the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees. Simply, these programs should stick to Commitment to Public Interest, Professionalism, Justness and Sincerity, Political Neutrality, Responsiveness to the Public, Nationalism and Patriotism, Commitment to Democracy and Simple Living.

In closing, Mr. Bate motivated the participants to observe proper decorum as they represent the government.


By:     Cesar D. Cacayuran

Senior LEO