Facilitating a Labor Management Cooperation (LMC) mechanism is like planting flowers. The seed has to be planted in a fertile soil and has to be nurtured properly in order to produce the best product.

This is true with the facilitation of LMC at  King Louis Flowers and Plants, Inc. (KLFPI). 

The KLFPI was once registered as a unionized establishment with an active LMC.   However, after the union filed a notice of strike in 2004, the association was gradually dissolved and became inactive. The RCMB-CAR continued to visit the company though, but it has temporarily closed its doors due to operational problem it has incurred.

After its few years of hibernation, KLFPI became active. The company participated in the convergence programs and activities conducted by the DOLE and attached agencies until the Family Welfare Committee (FWC)  was organized.

Led by Bonifacio Lacea, FWC chairperson,  the committee integrated the 10 dimensions of  the Family Welfare Program. However, when the company ventured to another project,  the farmers were relocated to 5 different locations in Benguet. This narrowed down the 10 dimensions into 5 programs; the housing, sports and leisure activities, medical services, spiritual/value formation, and Environment protection. Even with the reduced coverage of the FW programs, the workers still continued to actively participate in the activities implemented by the committee.

“I and my co-workers actively participate in the programs of  our Family Welfare Committee, that is why we have a peaceful community”,  Mr. Lacea said.

King Louis Flowers and Plants (KLFPI) is a domestic corporation duly registered with the SEC on October 25, 1983. It is primarily engaged in the production of various agricultural crops, to include various types of cut flowers, flowering plants and flower bulb.

At present, KLFPI is cultivating about 6 hectares of land in Asin, Alapang, Atok, Lamtang and Longlong, Benguet. It grows Spray Chrysanthemums, Roses, Liliums, Carnations, Gladiolas, Tulips, Hyacinths, Poinsettias, Potted Chrysanthemums, Kalanchoe, Impatients, and many more. The farm is also into exports of Calla Lily bulbs to Holland and rooted cuttings to Japan.

For now, KLFPI has only one committee formed,  but the RCMB-CAR will continue to enhance and nurture the LMC it has planted at King Louis Flowers and Plants, Inc., until more committees are established.     Maggie B. Balagtey