Director II Gil G. Caragayan and newly promoted Senior LEO Cesar D. Cacayuran attended the opening of the 2016 Independence day Job Fair at the University of Baguio Gymnasium on June 12, 2016, a Sunday.  It was also the observance of the World Day against Child Labor to raise awareness on the plight of child laborers and to demonstrate the country’s solidarity in the worldwide campaign against child labor.  The global theme for this year is “End Child Labour in Supply Chains-It is everyone’s business.” In conjunction with this, the NCMB was invited by DOLE-CAR in the launching of “Lapis, Paper at iba pa Campaign”, a project to help send a child laborer to school and the signing of a Covenant for Elimination of the Worst Forms of Child Labor in the Cordilleras and the Philippines.  Director Caragayan, on behalf of NCMB-CAR donated several bundles of pad paper, boxes of pencils, ballpens and crayons to show its full support to the noteworthy project spearheaded by DOLE-CAR.  He believes that NCMB’s candle loses nothing when it lights another, a symbol of generosity on or part.  Assistant Regional Director Teodoro Delson, in his welcomes remarks, reminded the participants that Independence Day according to the homily of a priest when he attended the mass at the wee hours of the morning simply means FORGIVENESS.  What a judicious comment, for indeed we have to look back in forgiveness if we would like to grow physically and spiritually as a nation.

Moreover, Regional Director Nathaniel V. Lacambra of DOLE-CAR eloquently delivered the message of the Honorable Secretary of Labor and Employment in Filipino encouraging those who are present to follow the matuwid na daan (right path).  This can juxtaposed with the writings of a British-Irish statesman Edmund Burke that “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”.

After attending such a momentous occasion, it reverberated to Director Caragayan’s mind that what our country needs at this critical juncture is to bring to reality the mandate of the incoming President Rodrigo Duterte captured in the beautiful writings of Clarita Carlos, PhD, retired professor of political science at UP to wit:

“We cannot have silos where some departments act like they are stand alones.  Everyone has to groove into a trajectory where cooperation, communication, collaboration and coordination will happen seamlessly.

The political leadership with incoming Rodrigo Duterte at the helm shall steer the ship of state, and it is up to all of us, rowers all to move in that direction.

Yes, we are at the cusp of monumental change in the life of our nation and people”.

Director Caragayan on that fateful day, a Sunday was filled with happiness.  Not only was he able to attend the foregoing events above-mentioned but he also became pregnant with ideas on that day.