LCMC Shares Productivity Improvement Schemes to CALMACAVAR Officers 1  Officers of the Cordillera Association of Labor Management Cooperation and Advocates of   Voluntary Arbitration (CALMACAVAR), were   very fortunate to be acquainted of the   productivity program of the Lepanto   Consolidated Mining Company (LCMC).   Benchmarking of LMC good practices is one of   the calendared activities of the organization for   the year.

On April 6, 2018, Mr. Esteban Pomeg-as, Lepanto Local Staff Union President and currently the Vice President for labor sector of the CALMACAVAR shared to his co-officers the company’s productivity improvement programs. “Productivity is attained only when both the employers and the workers work together. This is the reason why we work hard so that management will give us our incentives and bonuses. These additional benefits mainly depend on our gold production and the prices of gold and metals,” he said.

To better understand and feel the story of  Pomeg-as, the officers were invited for a plant tour. Experiencing the life of a miner is one unforgettable encounter for the participants.” Entering the tunnel everyday is really a big sacrifice for the miners. As if they are entering their tomb everyday, and only feel alive when they time-out from their work,” Ms. Linmipao, a fellow officer from Benguet Electric Cooperative recounted.

Maggie B. Balagtey

LCMC Shares Productivity Improvement Schemes to CALMACAVAR Officers 2