The cohesive Labor Management Cooperation Convergence Team or simply LCT of CAR conducted the first plant level orientation on the converged program of DOLE in one of the biggest cooperatives of Abra on October 8, 2015. The technical staffs of the regional branch of NCMB worked with the DOLE, ECC, OSHC in orienting the 20 managers and assistant managers of ADTEMPCO.


Abra Diocese of Teachers and Employees Cooperative (ADTEMPCO) agreed to avail the complete organizational interventions as provided by the Convergence of Programs offered by DOLE and NCMB.

The Convergence of programs refer to the productivity performance based pay, occupational health and safety, family welfare programs, employee compensation on work related injuries and accidents, and the labor law compliance system.


“We are very thankful to NCMB, ECC and the DOLE for the opportunity to be oriented on the different programs and services that each agency offers. I have to admit that this LMC Convergence of Program clarified my hesitations on the labor management cooperation concerns,” Ms. Josephine Ayat, Human Resource Officer of ADTEMPCO remarked.

The Convergence of Programs is not merely an orientation of DOLE programs and services at the company level. The end product is for the company to adopt these programs and services to attain organizational effectiveness, organizational change and total quality management in its business operations.

The LCT Team are like doctors that approach the sick, diagnose the illness, prescribe the medicine, and monitor the progress of the patient. Cresencia M. Pawingi,LIO-CAR