Director Gil G. Caragayan of RCMB-CAR, together with nineteen (19) other participants coming from NCMB (16), PHILAMCOP (2) and BLR (1) attended the Leaders’ Program from 14 to 18 March 2016 in Singapore anent Productivity and Innovation in Labor Management sponsored by the Temasek Foundation and Nanyang Polytechnic International. 

There were myriad of topics discussed namely Productivity Management, Measures and Best Practices, Labor Disputes Resolution: Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration, Harmonious Labor Relations and Trust, Overview Policies and Crucial Issues of Industrial Relations, National Wage Policies and Frameworks, Wage and Bonus Negotiation.

A learning journey was included particularly a visit by the participants to the Ministry of Manpower.  Culled from the learnings are enormous insights beyond imagination.

The Singaporeans, efficiency, discipline and innovativeness are worthy of emulation among the peoples of ASEAN.

Speaking with candor, the leaders’ program will enable Director Caragayan to metamorphose into a beautiful butterfly to serve the greater interests of public service.  A story relayed to Director Caragayan by Mr. Foong Tze Foon will always be enshrined in the deep recesses of his memory.  It goes in this wise, “Djokovic is a tennis champion.  Director, if you are an ordinary player and you challenge Djokovic to a friendly tennis match, will he be happy playing with you?  I guess not, because you are not at par with him.”  Ergo, if we would like to be the best of the best, we must think like a champion, treat our staff as a champion and champion our stakeholders’ cause to their gratification.

Despite the limited trainings we had, we left an indelible imprint in Singapore.  We bombarded our trainers with heavy barrage of meaningful inputs to their delight.  Director Caragayan was branded by the lecturers to possess a photographic memory, a walking Labor Code, and a walking encyclopedia.  The leaders’ training program was indeed nonpareil.