September 11, 2019 was a very special day for the representatives of Infuturo, Inc. “We were greeted with warm smiles and a hot beverage of moringa tea,” Mr. Ivy Diez, HR Manager  said.  This initiated their Labor Management Cooperation (LMC) benchmarking session with The Manor at Camp John Hay.

The sharing, thru lecture and video presentation showcased the outstanding  practices, contributions and achievements of the hotel’s  Dap-ayan ti John Hay.  LMC facilities such as mini-cooperative, clinic, canteen and complete personnel protective  equipment were also witnessed by the visiting team.

Aside from the tour of their facilities, was the opportunity to walk around their garden where the actual dap-ayan was located, the very symbol of their LMC program.

“The Manor’s LMC program is a shining testament proving that labor and management can work together to create a meaningful partnership for the betterment of quality service, lifestyle and culture a company would like to attain and commit to,” Mr. Tyron B. Rullan said.

Infuturo, Inc. similarly  named their LMC in the vernacular with that of Manor as Panagkaykaysa ti Mint05-Infuturo, Inc., an Ilocano dialect which means Unity among Mint05-Infuturo, Inc.  The Manor has  the  Dap-ayan ti John Hay, a Cordilleran term which means “ a place where people gather to discuss and/or solve problems and concerns in a non-confrontational way.”

Maggie B. Balagtey