Nothing beats cooperation and partnership! Realizing this, Mr. Reynaldo Romero, human resource department manager of Philex Mining Corporation called for a relearning of the labor management cooperation (LMC) concept alongside grievance machinery (GM) as mechanisms of industrial harmony.


120 employees composed of managers, department heads, stewards, supervisors, and rank and file employees, union officers and members of Philex gathered in one forum at Smith Hall, Padcal, Tuba, Benguet on August 10-11, 2015 to reinvent , reengineer and restructure the labor management cooperation council of the company.

Ms. Emilia D. Tabula, the former human resource manager who made the Philex LMC committees workable in the 1990s helped the NCMB technical staff restructure the LMC committees of the company.

Mr. Reynerio Lardizabal , supervisory union president said, “We suggest that we reactivate the divisional LMCs that we once had, so that we will not spend much of our time reorganizing our LMC.” The two unions concurred with the suggestion of Ms. Tabula to reactivate the divisional LMC committees which went dormant due to business operational problems.

“Let us bring back the glory days of our LMC,” remarked Mr. Ferdinand Generao, Mine Engineering Division Superintendent to inspire the union and management who were present in the learning session.

The management and the two unions conducted a separate workshop to design a divisional LMC structure; appoint chairpersons and members, and identify corresponding programs and activities for the created committees.

“As one of the managers, I believe that communication fails us all. We also have lapses as managers. In our desire to perform our tasks, we forget that we work with people. I hope that the Union would understand us. This LMC will open our communication lines,” Ms. Geraldine B. Ateo-an, Audit Division Manager said.

Grievance Machinery, a mechanism to manage grievances in the workplace was discussed. The managers revealed that grievance handling and processing take much of their time which results to work back logs. “Reorienting us and relearning grievance machinery would fast track disposition of grievance cases, “ a department manager said.

“I challenge the unions to minimize the absence without leave cases which cost the company more or less seven million a month,” remarked Mr. Romero. “Reactivating and restructuring our LMC and strict adherence to policies will help us lessen disciplinary actions from the management,” he added.


The mining operations of Philex in Padcal, Tuba, Benguet was suspended for eight months in 2012 when its tailings dam spilled which sow environmental concerns to affected river bank communities. In a workplace where customer satisfaction is imperative, all employees are encouraged to be involved to attain bliss – the most sought after in any workplace. Cresencia M. Pawingi, LIO-CAR