“Compete with each other in a healthy manner. Let your workplace cooperation or any mechanism structure  be the rainbow in your  organization,“  RCMB-CAR  Director Gil G. Caragayan said.

Dir. Caragayan gave his inspirational message during the 2016 Safety and Skills Olympics of Hedcor, Inc. held on October 14, 2016,  at DPB Training Center, Outlook Drive, Baguio City.

He related his message to the story of the rainbow where every color claims that he is the best, the most important, the most useful, and the favorite.

It was a coincidence that the seven (7)competing teams were grouped according to colors; red, blue, green, orange, yellow,  pink and violet.  The story of the  rainbow is a reflection of unity. The Director encouraged the participants to clear away the differences and divisions among the teams and let mutual respect and appreciation of one another’s gifts and talentsbe with them throughout the competition.

The ancient history recognized the Rainbow as a sign of peace and harmony. It is a sign given by the Creator that He wants all living things to flourish in peace and harmony; all clans, all tribes, all colors,  all faiths , and all nations. With this, Dir. Caragayan further advised the participants to form a rainbow of peace and harmony at Hedcor.

The story ended, “Rainbow is a sign of hope for tomorrow.”Likewise, the activity  commenced with its theme“Safety and Skills towards 1AP”,  a vision for oneAboitiz Power.

The safety and skills Olympicsof Hedcorwas conducted to reinforce and strengthen safety awareness and champion the various technical skills of the workers inthe company.

Maggie B. Balagtey