Baguio City.   On September 2, 2020, Mr. Ivy Diez, HR Manager with two (2) staff of Infuturo, Inc. visited the Branch for consultation on grievance machinery.  The Branch took this opportunity to also inquire on the status of the school as well as their LMC.

Hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, the academy is forced to close two of their work stations/offices. They adopted a work from home program for all teachers and the majority of administrative staff. Only a skeleton force was left to man their office. While reeling from the effects of the pandemic, not a single employee was released. Rather, they helped set-up their computer units and internet connection in their homes. Their computers were also sold to the workers at a depreciated price.

Resolving issues and grievances has  become a bigger challenge now that almost all personnel are working from home. This obstacle made them sought the assistance of the Branch for the drafting of their Grievance Procedure before submitting the same to the top management for approval. Discussions ensued and recommendations were given and explained. The interaction resulted in the finalization of a short, simple and concise grievance procedure.  Further, the scheduling of the selection of officers and members was also decided.

An online enhancement seminar on grievance handling for the nominated officers/members will be on October 16, 2020, as requested by the HR Manager.

As for the school’s workplace relations practices, they were advised to look into their current programs to find some that can still be continued and adjusted to suit the new work arrangement. They were also encouraged to communicate often with their teachers to gather additional ideas/inputs to work on.

Infuturo, Inc. is one of the many English as a Second Language (ESL) schools in Baguio City.  It caters to Korean students and has since been continuously growing since its establishment in November 2007.

By:      Cesar D. Cacayuran with Gabriel P. Bayao

            Senior LEO                         LEO III