A widow’s claim and a carrier’s plea were the subject of Requests for Assistance filed before the National Conciliation and Mediation Board-CAR this month.

Criselda Diga and Roger Paring sought the assistance of the Branch on April 27 and May 2, 2017 respectively citing money claims and illegal dismissal.  The former filed the RFA for nonpayment of 13th pay and cash bond, in behalf of her deceased husband, a Security Guard employed by Superb Security and Investigation Agency for nine years.  The latter is a “pahinante” of spouses Hernandez, vegetable truckers, for a year. The Hernandez’ insisted that they did not dismiss Mr. Paring but admitted that they cannot give him work as no driver is willing to be his partner. With assistance from SEADO, the parties worked for a settlement resulting to a Fifteen Thousand Pesos (P15, 000.00) financial assistance which was paid on May 9, 2017.

Diga, on the other hand, was awarded Twelve Thousand Seven hundred Eighty Seven and 73/100 (P12, 787.73) representing accumulated 13th month pay and cash bond of her deceased husband, Percival.

Both requests were undertaken and settled during the initial conference.

SEADOs Gabriel P. Bayao and Lyla Jane B. Tacio facilitated the settlement of the complaints.

Lyla Jane B. Tacio