Advancing Gender Equality, Equity and Workplace Performance

A forum on Gender Equality, Equity and Workplace Performance was organized by the RCMB-CAR on March 16, 2018 at Ritz Legarda, Baguio City in celebration of the Women’s Month.

Ms. Cynthia Jaramillo of the Cordillera Women’s Education and Action Research Center, Inc. (CWEARC) talked on women underrepresentation. Studies reveal that women are often underrepresented in several leadership positions, a gender issue that needs to be addressed.

Revisiting the past, women’s roles were restricted and men dominated the society. This situation rolled for centuries. Currently, laws and policies are being drawn giving primacy to women’s needs. Accounts about successful women are now written and women potentials are being recognized. These are just few changes we presently see in our society. However, women are still passive and timid, hence changes are still slow. “Women, we need to rise up,  move on, realize our potentials and capabilities  and use them fully in order to be detached from the marginalized status and conditions in our society”, Jaramillo said.

Equality and equity are two strategies in gender development,  when applied can produce fairness,  equitability and balanced workplace. Capitalizing on these, the speaker stressed, “We can break our chains of inequalities.”

In her message, Ms. Brenda Rose C. Odsey, one of the women Directors of NCMB  inspired the women to become empowered. “Don’t be afraid to be you, think that women are equal with men in some ways.  Women can do what men can. Give your  feedback and share your opinions. After all, women are not the problem, they are the solution.”

Seventy seven (77) women leaders participated in this learning session.

Maggie B. Balagtey