Baguio City. Three (3) expired collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) in 2015 were renewed before the end of the year.   These are the CBAs between Philex Mining Company (PMC) and Philex Rank and File Employees Union (PRFEU)-ALU, Philex Mining Corporation and Philex Mining Supervisory Employees Union (PMESEU)- ALU-TUCP, and Baguio Country Club and BCC Employees League.

Headed by the union president Alex Badongen, the PRFEU-ALU negotiated with management after their CBA expired on January 1, 2015. The first meeting was held on September 2-3, 2015. It took the parties 3 sessions to conclude their agreement. The negotiated wage increase for the 3-year period is Php11.00 per day which will benefit the 1,306 rank and file employees.

The CBA of PMC and PMSEU-ALU-TUCP also expired on April 30, 2015. Engr. Reynaldo Lardizabal, PMESU president, led the union in negotiating with the company. The ground rules were laid on June 15, 2015 and the negotiation started on September 10-11, 2015. Just like the PRFEU, the parties took 3 sessions to conclude the CBA. The negotiated wage for the 3-year period is Php525.00 per month. It will benefit the 468 supervisory employees.

The CBAs of the two (2) unions of Philex Mining Corporation were jointly signed by the parties on December 17, 2015.

For Baguio Country Club and BCC Employees League, the CBA expired on June 30, 2015. It started its negotiations on July 1, 2015 and concluded after 7 sessions or 2 months. Upon its conclusion, the CBA was signed by the parties on September 29, 2015. “This CBA negotiation with BCCEL is the fastest and most peaceful dialogue so far,” Ms. Jasmin Prado, BCC HR Manager said.

The HR officers of the 3 companies are in the process of registering their CBAs.     By Maggie B. Balagtey