Three (3) Account Specialists were paid of their separation pay amounting to Php166,048.96 thru the Single Entry Approach Program (SENA) program.

Mesdames Julie S. Leonen, Jeremy O. Bautista and Cristy P. Guzman sought the assistance of the RCMB-CAR for the alleged demotion from their positions as permanent Account Specialists to temporary Documentation Officers by their employer, Goshen Land Capital, Inc.

In the initial conciliation-mediation conference on August 22, 2016, Ms. Aljane S. Lapdez, HR Officer of the company clarified that the complainants were not demoted from their positions but were temporarily assigned to document the PAG-IBIG membership of the leaseholders. The HDMF had given them six months to submit the required documents and management is confident that the 3 staff can accomplish the project within the given period. Prior to their transfer, they were informed that their salaries will not be changed and their employment status will remain permanent. They shall assume their original job description after their assignment.

Leonen and the others admitted that the HR Officer informed them of their stable employment status, however, their immediate supervisor said otherwise.  Speculations of their demotion are already circulating in their division.

With this, the complainants decided to resign from their work. With the initiative of the SEADO, management paid the separation pay and pro-rated 13th month pay of the complainants on September 9, 2016. Their Certificates of Employment were also issued.

Maggie B. Balagtey-SEADO