Three (3) maintenance crew were paid of their salaries and separation pay after being fired by employer.

Messrs Mark Neil Andy Sy, Jeff Ryan Cabalbag and Manuel Dulay Jr. worked as maintenance crew of Session Theater Building, located at Session Road, Baguio City. However, they were terminated by their employer for the alleged violations they strongly deny. This opted the 3 workers to seek the assistance of the National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB-CAR) on April 11, 2016.

A conciliation-mediation conference was earlier scheduled by Ms. Maggie B. Balagtey,  Single Entry Assistance Desk Officer (SEADO). However, it was postponed due to the request of the respondent and consent of the requesting parties.

During the meeting on May 4, 2016, both parties presented their positions. Respondent asserted her prerogatives while workers insisted their rights. Due to the interventions of the SEADO,  both parties finally agreed to settle their differences.

The claims being asked by the 3 terminated workers were paid by Ms. Odette L. Nassr, respondent on May 5, 2016. Sy received Php10,117.50, Cabalbag Php9,832.50 and Dulay Php8,211.55.

Maggie B. Balagtey