A kitchen helper, security guard and cook were the latest beneficiaries of the Single Entry Approach (SENA) in the Branch for the month of April.  All Requests for Assistance involved money claims and were settled during their initial conferences.

On March 31, Ms. Antje Joy C. Rafael sought the assistance of the Branch against ZOLA Resto and Café for alleged non-payment of “back pay”. She received the amount of Two Thousand Four Hundred Sixty-six Pesos and 78/100 (PhP 2,466.78) as financial assistance on April 18.  Mr. Cesar D. Cacayuran facilitated the agreement.

Likewise, a similar request was filed by Mr. Ador H. Bungtiwen opposite Academia de Sophia International on April 12.  The respondent, an English as a Second Language (ESL) school came ready when they offered the complainant the amount of Thirty Two Thousand Pesos (PhP 32,000.00) representing unpaid money claims. Mr. Gabriel P. Bayao oversaw the settlement on April 15.

Another ESL School, Story Share Baguio, had been the subject of a grievance when their former cook filed an RFA on April 12.  Several issues were involved but was eventually limited to money claims during the conference on April 18.  Ms. Abjelina Alcima was assured the amount of Five Thousand Eight Hundred Fourteen and 76/100 (PhP 5, 814.76) representing unpaid wages which will be paid on May 2.  SEADO Lyla Jane B. Tacio will monitor the payment of the claims.


Lyla Jane B. Tacio