RCMB-CAR Director Gil G. Caragayan and a staff, Limuel M. Garcia attended on April 1, 2016 the turnover ceremonies between the outgoing and incoming DOLE Regional Directors of CAR John H. Jalbuena and Nathaniel D. Lacambra, respectively.

Director Caragayan was privileged to hear awe-inspiring sharing from one of the employees that through the adroit stewardship of Director Jalbuena, DOLE-CAR catapulted from 8th best region in 2012, 2nd in 2013 and best in 2014.  Corollary, this can be ascribed to the mantra of excellence espoused by him:  Said mantra is a resounding affirmation of Henry Ford’s working philosophy “Strive for perfection but settle only for excellence.”

Apropos to the foregoing, Director Caragayan had the occasion of personally requesting Director Jalbuena to issue a Certificate of Compliance on Labor Relation Laws to three companies in CAR because they were chosen as finalists to the search for best LMC.  To his surprise, it was acted with dispatch in three (3) days.  In lieu of this, one company in CAR (HEDCOR) was chosen as a Hall of Famer awardee for winning three consecutive times.  The other one, camp John Hay, was adjudged, Best in LMC.  The latter is on its way to becoming another Hall of Famer awardee in LMC because it already won two awards previously.

With regard to incoming Director Nathaniel D. Lacambra, Director Caragayan had this story to tell:

“We were having a meeting in the office in Region V, when one of my staffs broached that we have a problem in our seminar on the LMC Convergence Programs to be held at the AVP Hotel in Legaspi City because many participants confirmed their attendance and we might be beset with financial difficulties.  One cogent suggestion was made and that is to request DOLE-V Regional Director Lacambra to shoulder 50% of the expenses for he is the alter ego of the Secretary of Labor and Employment when it comes to the implementation of the programs in the Region.  On December 8, 2014, Director Lacambra and I were invited to attend a Job Fair in Naga City which coincided with the DOLE Anniversary.  At first, I had the apprehension or misgiving that my request will be rebuffed by Director Lacambra.  After a silent prayer, I took the boldness to talk to him.  And would you believe that in one minute or less and without batting an eyelash he forthwith acceded to my request to the delight of my staffs.  What a gargantuan gesture from a big brother in DOLE.  In the same vein during my more than one year stint in Region V, I learned that Director Lacambra is also a multi-awarded public servant.  His excellent leadership style is in sync with mine as we continue to trailblaze the labor relations arena with our highly coordinated programs that will ultimately inure to the benefit of the Cordillerans.

The aforementioned reminiscence are living testimonies that public servants are not sluggards in the coordination and delivery of government services to the clientele.

It is Director Caragayan’s ineluctable conclusion that the turn-over ceremonies adverted to above portend that cooperative efforts between and among agencies in DOLE will continue and augur well to the effectuation of its programs.


Director Gil G. Caragayan