The Search for Leadership Excellence Award at the Manor of Camp John Hay is on its third year of pursuance.  An award given to deserving managers who have shown passion, dedication and hard work in their respective fields and have gone above and beyond their duty to ensure excellence in everything they do.  This occasion is in line with the LMC project on Incentives and rewards which they call it the “Pagulidan Award”.

There were three nominees for the search.  They were Faith Marie Magsino (Front Desk Manager), Denmark Medeana (Chief Engineer of the Forest Lodge) and Wilna Baoa (Director of Human Resource).

Director Brenda Rose C. Odsey, together with four other judges from different offices and organizations, were invited to determine who the winner will be.  Judges were made to work around four criteria of judging which are the Excellence in Leadership, Excellence in Innovation, Excellence in Service and Exemplary achievements.  Judges’ opportune time to interact with the nominees   was through the question and answer portion of the search.  The winner of the Search will be announced during the Christmas celebration at Manor on December 17, 2018.