Baguio City – Ms. Phenny C. Roxas, a call agent of Diamond Strategies Outsourcing Philippines, Inc. (DSOP) Call Center Services received financial assistance of Eight thousand pesos (Php8,000.00) through the Single Entry Approach (SEnA) Program on its first conference scheduled on March 14, 2022.

On March 11, Ms. Roxas and  Mr. Alexander Tisbe, both call center agents sought the assistance of the RCMB-CAR Office for alleged illegal termination after almost three months of working with DSOP. They were assisted by SEADO Maggie B. Balagtey.

In the initial conciliation-mediation conference,  the Desk Officer allowed both parties to present their sides. Ms. Gemimah Bustamante, Country Director claimed that their action of terminating the services of both complainants is just and reasonable.  The complainant, however, refused to admit the allegations of management. Nevertheless, after further discussion and presentation of documents to support their claims, the RFA was clarified and settled.

The management representative likewise expressed her appreciation to Roxas,  for her very satisfactory performance during the start of her employment with them. “Phenny started as one of our top performers and I congratulate her for that. I just don’t know what happened. Her performance regressed when she requested for a work from home arrangement,” she said.  Bustamante advised her to do better in her new venture.  Roxas gladly accepted the offer and expressed her gratitude for the assistance given.

Meanwhile, the RFA filed by Mr. Tisbe was dismissed due to his non-appearance for two consecutive conciliation -conferences.  Instead, he sent a letter (thru email) informing the Office of his withdrawal.  The message stated, “This is to inform you to please cancel my complaint against DSOP due to some reason and my hectic schedule.”  (sent on March 14, 022 at 5:05 pm). The RFA was closed on the second conciliation conference on March 16, 2022.

Single Entry Approach, (SEnA) is a 30-day mandatory conciliation-mediation serviceS mandated under Department Order No. 107, Series of 2010 for all labor and employment cases. SEnA provides a speedy, inexpensive, and accessible settlement procedure for all complaints arising from employer-employee relations.

Maggie B. Balagtey