The NCMB-CAR conducted a 2-day learning session entitled “Hurdling Challenges in Creating 21st Century Personnel” on April 21-22, 2016 at the FVR Hall 2, Baguio Country Club, South Drive, Baguio City.

The learning session aimed to empower both the employers and the employees to handle challenges of today’s intensely independent workplace and prepare them for the future. The training contained resources for changing organizational culture and addressing the cause of obstructive behavior and replacing them with constructive and positive actions.

One of the speakers, Hon. Delilah G. Muñoz, Presiding Judge of the Municipal Trial Court of La Trinidad, Benguet, talked on Conflict Management. She urged the participants to properly respond to conflict in the shop floor. She said, “The best approach to conflict is to collaborate, because it leads to a win-win solution.” She also encouraged the participants to become creative for possible options to the problem. “To come up with the best resolution to conflict, you should go out of the box”, she stressed.

The afternoon session was full of life despite the scorching weather. The topic Creating Effective Teams & Leadership Styles Along Assertiveness and Self Confidence by Dr. Leonarda R. Aguinalde, VP for Administration of the University of the Cordilleras, motivated the attendees to be active. She likened a good team to an orchestra, where the conductor plans the musical score and plots a clear idea on how the music should sound and how to bring the group of different people into a single voice or tune.

To inspire the participants to become good leaders, the speaker presented the videos of Oprah Winfrey and Nicholas “Nick” Vujicic, well known transformational and motivational leaders. Winfrey was sexually harassed during her childhood while Vujicic was born with Phocomelia, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of arms and legs. Despite Oprah’s past and Nick’s physical disability,  they are able to develop, mentor, empower, and enable people to become useful and productive.

“Love your work, love your team. Start with your family. Your family is your first team. When you feel like giving up, think of Nick and the people who have nothing. Nick teaches us not to concentrate on what we don’t have, but to concentrate on what we can do to develop our country. Let’s stop complaining”, she concluded.

“Resistance to Change is natural in an organization”, Ms. Gepsy A. Ammogawen, HR Supervisor of Philex Mining Corporation, said as she discussed the topic Managing Resistance to Organizational Change.  The challenge she gave to the participants was the “How”.  The first action in managing resistance is to listen and understand the objections, for employees simply want to be heard and to voice their objections. Remove the barriers that may impede the growth of the person which may relate to family, personal issues, physical limitations or money. Managers need to show the employees that there is hope in every difficulty. They have to create desire to change by sharing their passion for change, creating excitement and enthusiasm, and creating hope in the organization. These are just few of the tips provided by the speaker.

RCMB-CAR Dir. Gil G. Caragayan concluded the learning session by discussing the Due Process in Administrative Investigation.  He emphasized that employees should be afforded the ample opportunity to be heard, to explain one’s side or to seek reconsideration of the action or ruling.

The learning session was attended by 63 participants from the  region. This is in coordination with the Cordillera Association of Labor Management Cooperation and Advocates of Voluntary Arbitration (CALMACAVAR), Inc., the region’s partner in the promotion of industrial peace.

Maggie B. Balagtey