RCMB-CAR Director Gil G. Caragayan and technical staffs served as resource speakers on the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms before the 42 elementary and secondary private school administrators and principals in Baguio City on March 10, 2016 at the DepEd Baguio Division Office, Military Cut-off, Baguio City.


To capture the theme of the training, “Concerns and Role of Private School Administrators in Creating 21st Century Personnel”, the lecturers shared the different mechanism in handling issues and concerns of school personnel. “To create a harmonious working environment and to develop your workers to become productive and competitive, you as administrators should learn to manage the problems and issues that will arise in your institutions”, Dir. Caragayan said.


The first step in the ADR is the preventive and collaborative approach in dispute resolution, which is Labor Management Cooperation (LMC). This was discussed by LEO III Maggie B. Balagtey. This program aims to ensure the participation of workers in decision and policy making process particularly on issues that affect their terms of employment. Ms. Balagtey also shared some studies and researches of well-known scholars in other countries to support that collaboration, trust and respect, and participation in decision making process are the keys to effective management.

The topic on Grievance Machinery (GM) was discussed by LEO III Cesar D. Caragayan. He explained the ideal procedure in handling grievances. Further, he encouraged the participants to resolve the issues in the plant level before these will develop into full blown disputes.

Dir. Caragayan, a seasoned Conciliator-Mediator shared his expertise on Conciliation and Mediation process. He expounded the advantages of conciliation-mediation and compared it with the arbitration procedure. He stressed that conciliation-mediation approach leads to win-win solution.

As bonus topic, Dir. Caragayan touched on the termination process. He emphasized the importance of the twin notice rule, to avoid further problem. Some questions were raised and judiciously answered by the speaker.

The learning session was organized by the Association of Private School Administrators-Baguio City (APSA-BC) headed by the President Annie Marie B. Caguioa. “ This is a very informative learning experience for us as school administrators. Before, we used to focus only on the concerns of our students, we sometimes forgot our teachers. But from now on, we must have to look also into the needs and interests of our teachers,” Ms. Caguiao concluded.

By: Maggie B. Balagtey