“Nowhere to go but up,” is how Hedcor sees its labor management cooperation (LMC) journey.

Hedcor vies for the Hall of Fame in the 2015 Search for the Outstanding LMC for Industrial Peace awarded by NCMB and PHILAMCOP. The company consecutively won the 2011 and 2013 Search for the Outstanding LMC. Yet, this Aboitiz Company needs DOLE Convergence of Programs.

Simply called Convergence, it means that all programs and services of DOLE and its attached agencies , shall be delivered through one plant level structure, or as in a courier business, the products are delivered right at the door step of the client.

“We know that there are more to learn, that’s why we requested for this Convergence of Programs,” Ms. Lilibeth B. Mannong, Human Resources Supervisor of Hedcor said.

NCMB-CAR, which coordinated the Convergence, joined with DOLE, OSHC, BWSC, ECC, and NWPC to deliver   a complete package of organizational intervention through a plant-level orientation on August 25, 2015 at the RVR Training Center of the company.


LMC committee chairs and members including Ms. Carol Tuvera, AVP for Human Resources Quality of this hydro-electric run-off-river company, dutifully listened to the concepts of productivity, family welfare, occupational safety and health, grievance handling and the labor management cooperation (LMC) as the central committee of all the DOLE programs and services.

All these programs and services are meant to address decent work deficits, foster harmonious labor-management relationships, maintain industrial peace, and increase productivity and competitiveness of enterprises. DOLE Secretary, Rosalinda D. Baldoz articulated these objectives of the Convergence in one of her press interviews.

Thank you for delivering the programs and services right at our door step. While all the programs and services of DOLE and its attached agencies are implemented in Hedcor, we still see windows of improvement in our Kabisig Council, our LMC in Hedcor,” Ms. Tuvera said in her closing message.

To stress, Convergence is a complete package of organizational intervention of DOLE and its attached agencies which is delivered through the labor management cooperation committees. It strengthens the “blendable” organizational culture of the company while attaining unity in diversity. However, Convergence, by itself, leaves “as is” what is working fine in every workplace. Cresencia M. Pawingi, LIO-CAR