Veteran photographers and photojournalists from the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation led the 39 Labor Information Officers (LIO) of the Board in a weeklong Seminar Workshop on Comprehensive Digital Photography and Storytelling in Photography.  Held on October 7-11 in Baguio City, the training aims to enhance the LIOs’ observational skills and detail in writing.

Camera handling demo, white balance, filters and flash were discussed by Mr. Ador Pamintuan, a seasoned photographer and photography professor.   An equally famous wedding photographer, Elwin Noche, presented the creative process and the different elements of design.  A renowned photojournalist and paintographer, Vic Sison shared his vast knowledge on photojournalism and telling stories through photograph.  Amir Alba, an established photography professor talked about portraiture and post processing.  Each of these subjects was given time to practice shoot.


Outputs from the shoots were to the satisfaction of the speakers.  As a result, most of these pictures are proudly displayed at each LIOs social medial wall.


Armed with the latest trends and understanding in digital photography, the LIOs are expected to produce more stories in just a photograph.


Lyla Jane B. Tacio