With restrictions slowly easing, the Regional Conciliation and Mediation Branch-Cordillera Administrative Region was able to participate in the celebration of this year’s Women’s Month. 

A film viewing on March 10 kicked off the festivities. This year’s theme, “We Make Change Work for Women,” was perfectly depicted in the movie, Hidden Figures.   The show featured how women were able to make significant contributions in the field of aeronautical science in the 1960s.

The yearly women’s day out was spent in the picturesque yard of the Manor at Camp John Hay and the newly set up Japanese and Korean pocket garden of the Baguio Country Club on March 17.   A stroll in these estates was good not only for physical but also for mental health.   Director Estioco said,  “We need this break to unwind as we have been confined in our homes and workplaces for the past couple of years.”

To further strengthen those well-rested leg muscles, inhale some of nature’s fresh air and at the same time, appreciate some of the local attractions, a trek proceeded on March 18.  The 45 minutes one-way hike to Puguis Communal Forest and Mt. Costa proved to be refreshing as this was the first time the branch personnel went out together to enjoy outdoor activities.

A target infused two half-day learning sessions, attended by more than 100 participants representing 71 companies, were held on March 24 and 25.   The first area-wide virtual seminar was conducted for the year  with the theme, “Rebuilding the Post-Pandemic Era through Sustainable Livelihood, Gender Equality, and Labor Education.”

The webinar tackled milk tea preparation meant to improve the socio-economic status of workers and provide an additional source of livelihood. It was presented by Ms. Aulivia Joy Ong, an entrepreneur and accredited trainer by the Department of Trade and Industry.

Dr. Rolando M. Mamamat, Jr., a registered psychologist, talked about recognizing the soulful work of men and women in the workplace.  A   timely subject as workers’ efforts are often overlooked and unappreciated.   DOLE Assistant Regional Director,  Atty. Anthony Wooden, Jr., and Senior Labor and Employment Officer  Gil M. Datayan, Jr., gave a productive talk on the latest jurisprudence and labor issuances, respectively.

The attendance by two women branch personnel at the summit, “Her Story: Celebrating Women of Courage and Passion.” on March 31, 2022,  will conclude this month’s undertakings.

This Civil Service Commission-CAR’s initiated endeavor aims to enable participants to demonstrate an increased appreciation and understanding of the contributions of women in shaping the organization and communities where they belong. 

The observance of this year’s Women’s Month signaled the possible return of out-of-office activities previously enjoyed in the past years.

Lyla Jane B. Tacio