The Regional Conciliation and Mediation Branch-Cordillera Administrative Region proudly announces its accomplishment for the Board’s three program areas for the first quarter of 2022. 

Director Estioco said that “Collaboration and hard work of personnel made the surpassing of targets possible.  I congratulate all the Branch personnel for a job well done.”  The Branch exceeded its commitment by 20% to the improvement of labor-management relations. Six Labor-Management Cooperation (LMCs) and Grievance Machinery (GMs) were facilitated and institutionalized, respectively.  This is in contrast to the first-quarter targets of 5 each.  Of these six, five were private security agencies that the Branch has previous interventions with and a food service corporation recently visited.

 This year’s achievement is an improvement from last year’s accomplishment of 13% for the same period.  “Considering that  we are now on covid  alert level 1, we have to take this opportunity to frontload our activities,  the virus is still here, and we don’t know when covid cases will surge again.” Director Estioco added.     

Meanwhile, sixty-four LMCs and GMs from various industries were enhanced for the period.  Director Estioco said that the bulk of this number came from the recently conducted virtual learning session entitled, “Rebuilding the Post Pandemic Era through Sustainable Livelihood, Gender Equality and Labor Education”  on March 24 and 25.  The Branch recorded an accomplishment of 188%, overshooting the 34 targets for the quarter.  Last year, though, only 90% of the annual enhancement target was met in a similar activity.

As to the  Requests for Assistance filed for the period, one is still pending, while three were already disposed.   Most grievances fall under money claims, specifically,  non-payment of final and thirteenth-month pay.    This is different from the trend the Branch had in the first quarter of 2021 with one each of Request for Assistance, Preventive Mediation, and Voluntary Arbitration.

As to financial management, the Branch utilized 27% of its approved budget for the year.  Though this is higher than the imposed utilization rate,  it was backed up with higher accomplishments.  

Lyla Jane B. Tacio