Baguio City – RCMB-CAR immediately scheduled its first provincial visit after the local government officials eased the pandemic restrictions in the Region. On April  11-12, the technical personnel visited the St. Mary’s School of Sagada, The St. Theodore of Tarsus Hospital Foundation, Inc., and Mountain Province Electric Cooperative (MOPRECO).

The plant visit was purposely to enhance and further monitor the status of their  Labor-Management Cooperation (LMC)  and Grievance Machinery (GM)  mechanisms. Except for St. Mary’s School, the two (2) establishments had been regularly joining the online learning activities organized by the RCMB-CAR since the start of the COVID-19. Principal Raquel D. Killy explained their failure in joining the virtual learning sessions was due to their irregular work schedule.  “Nevertheless, our workplace cooperation and partnership in the school remains warm and active. Our LMC practices are limited though, because of safety protocols and the irregular schedule of classes,” she said. She then enumerated a few of their cooperation practices like participation in community programs, strict observance of safety and health protocols, skills training, and meetings.  

St. Theodore’s Hospital is still peaceful, as shared by the Hospital Administrator, Sofia Dagacan. “We maintain the peacefulness of our Hospital, the e-Sagada way. We greet, meet, and talk. This even continues outside the Hospital, our so-called social responsibilities,”she said. As mentioned by the administrator, most of the committees are doing their functions the best they could despite the limited interactions caused by this crisis.

Meanwhile, an enhancement seminar was conducted for the newly elected LMC-GM committee members of MOPRECO the following day. LMC, GM, and the roles and responsibilities of the different committees were the focus of the presentations. It was highlighted with a workshop and the presentation of their action plans for the year. This was witnessed by their General Manager  Nicodemus L. Andawi who said, “We are very fortunate that the NCMB conducted this activity. Some of you are new to these LMC-GM functions. It is really very important that you should know your roles and responsibilities. Also, with the programs that you planned and presented, I assure you of my support. Let us work together to make these programs a reality.”

St. Mary’s School of Sagada and The St. Theodore of Tarsus Hospital Foundation, Inc. are under the auspices of the Episcopal Church of the Philippines. MOPRECO is likewise the lone power distributor in Mountain Province.

Maggie B. Balagtey

Plant Visit At St. Mary’s School Of Sagada
Plant visit at St. Theodore of Tarsus Hospital Foundation, Inc.