The RCMB-CAR personnel took time out from work to get outdoors and into nature. This activity was made in support to the call of the Civil Service Commission to promote “malasakit” for one’s  health and also to the environment.

RCMB-CAR Director Brenda Rose Odsey and staff hiked the hills of  Mary Knoll Ecological Sanctuary at Santo Tomas Rd., Campo Sioco, Baguio City on September 15, to feel the beauty of nature – the flowers, plants, trees, fresh air and the melodies of the birds and insects. “We need to be reconnected with nature once in a while. Communing with nature continuously will shape our imaginations and our lives. It refreshes our minds and relaxes our physical bodies. It also relieves us from the stress of work,” Director Odsey said.


We need not be an environment activist to show that we care for the environment –just appreciate nature’s beauty, value its purpose and care for it. This is our home. Human beings, animals and plants intimately depend on each other.    Let us then be challenged to find fun and exciting ways to experience and treasure this relationship.


The limited encounter with the environment was a reminder for the RCMB staff  of their role as stewards of the earth: To encourage people appreciate nature, to become more conscious of the earth’s limited resources and to initiate positive changes by encouraging them to make sustainable choices in daily life. After all, nature shows us the true beauty without deception and falseness.




Maggie B. Balagtey