Regional Conciliation and Mediation Board-Cordillera Administrative Region ended 2015 satisfactorily as all physical targets were met utilizing only 91% of its allotted budget.

With two targets, the LMC Convergence of Programs soared as the Branch was able to reach eight establishments. Convergence facilitates the delivery of the mandate of the different DOLE Offices and attached agencies on plant level programs and services.

Promotional activities were stretched to 270 companies as against 154 assigned. Facilitation and institutionalization have a 100% accomplishment rate. Enhanced Labor Management Cooperation and Grievance Machinery for organized and unorganized establishments have 108% and 103% completion rate, respectively. Eleven Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) were cascaded the basic productivity and innovation and enterprise development concepts.

The improvement of LMC and reduction of workplace conflicts is easily proven as 98% of total companies with LMC-GM were not involved in Preventive Mediation (PM) and Notice of Strike (NS) during the year.

The Branch effectively resolved 27 labor disputes. Of these cases, PM and Notice of Strike have a 100% achievement rate, SENA with 94.73% while VA has 66.67. In addition, 85.18% of these were settled within the process cycle time. These accomplishments surpassed the indicators set. Lyla Jane B. Tacio