Sustaining Productivity through LMC.  This was the very core of this year’s Luzon Cluster Convention on Labor Management Cooperation (LMC).  Held on September 9 at Hotel Supreme, Baguio City, it was attended by more than three hundred participants from eighty companies all over Luzon.  The figures indicate excitement as it also cued the resumption of face-to-face learning sessions.   It is worth mentioning that several representatives from Regions 8, 12, and 13 were in attendance.

In her address, National Conciliation and Mediation Board Executive Director Maria Teresita D. Lacsamana- Cancio expressed confidence that the Convention will inspire the participants to keep their faith and stay hopeful for better opportunities through a safe and healthy, generous, sensitive, and more productive workplace.  She likewise challenged them to introduce breakthroughs in their respective LMCs. “You are LMC. You want to grow bigger? Then we have to work harder. We will not stop until the entire Philippines will live in our cause. That is partnership and cooperation all the way for a more productive Philippines,” she said.

The learning session was composed of subjects relative to LMC programs and activities.  Safety Consultant, Engr. Jaime C. Reyes, talked about productivity and safety culture in the workplace. He claimed that since businesses are established for profit, growth, and continuity, avoiding accidents that may interrupt the operation is a must.   He further emphasized that the secret to attaining a zero-accident workplace is teamwork.

Ms. Jeanette T. Damo, Deputy Executive Director of the National Wages and Productivity Commission, simplified productivity as doing the right things right.  This was made during her discussion in unlocking productivity through collaborative work and efforts.

“Gender fair language (GFL) in the workplace is important as it helps shape our thinking”, was stressed by Dr. Ian Kenneth C. Bermeo, Vice President for Operations of Adventist Medical Center Manila, as he paved his way explaining GFL.   He further stated that this aims to reduce gender discrimination and stereotyping.

In her closing message, host Region Director Lourdes P. Estioco encouraged the participants when she said, “May we all continue to serve as ambassadors of industrial peace and advocates of workplace safety, productivity, and gender sensitivity in our respective workplace.”

This undertaking was anchored to strengthen the collaborative partnership of labor and management in putting in place productivity measures and incentive schemes towards improved workplace relationships, better outputs, and higher profits advancing further the quality of life of every employee.  It was made possible with the partnership of the Board and the Philippine League of Labor Management Cooperation Practitioners, Inc. (PHILAMCOP).

 Lyla Jane B. Tacio