“LMC is worth nurturing. It keeps the management and the union work on a common goal,“ remarked Mr. Esteban Pomeg-as, Lepanto Local Staff Union president after the plant level LMC Enhancement Session at Lepanto Mines on August 6, 2015.

Speaking in allegory, Mr. Pomeg-as added that labor management cooperation (LMC) as a form of collaboration and partnership brightens the dark workplace of miners who work under the ground.

CAR branch responded to the request of Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company to conduct a plant level learning session on LMC. Lepanto Management and the two Unions believe that a functional LMC will boost the working relations of management and the two unions towards a higher level of productivity and partnership.

Lepanto Mines, now 79 years in business, is one of the oldest mining companies in the country. The company now shifts to a paradigm of achieving its business goal alongside with the employees’ wellbeing and utmost care for the environment, through a simple re-engineering of its workplace partnership and cooperation.

To show unity and teamwork, union presidents Messieurs Pomeg-as and Lapaddic and resident manager, Engr. Consolacion, came up with one LMC structure called “Timpuyog ti Lepanto.” The word “timpuyog” is an Ilocano word which means “gathering and working together towards one accord for the common good.” The LMC committee members were also elected.


Director Lourdes P. Estioco, challenged the LMC officers to plan programs and activities that are aligned to the goals and mission of the mining company. “Strike the iron while it is hot,” Dir. Estioco advised.

In another perspective, Mr. Warden Lapaddic, Lepanto Local Employees Union president said that “LMC keep the miners mentally, emotionally, and psychologically strong.” He is referring to the welfare of the miners, being optimized, since programs on occupational safety and health family welfare, and better grievance management were integrated in the new LMC structure of the company.

Resident Manager Engr. Thomas Consolacion, who joined the one day learning session is optimistic that the efficiency of the employees will greatly improve through the re-engineered LMC. Maggie B. Balagtey-CAR.